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Housing, Health Journalism Workshop for Spring 2021 Info

The Urban Health Media Project closed the applications for our Spring 2021 workshop, “Home Sick: How Where We Live Impacts Health.”

The six-week workshop, which begins March 2, will allow 20 high-school student journalists a chance to learn about the many ways where we live impacts our health, both mental and physical.

Working in groups advised by a journalist-mentor, students will report, write stories, create infographics and –  if they want to – take photos and videos on a housing topic that affects their communities.

Students who live around the United States applied to attend this virtual workshop. 

The class will meet twice weekly (Tuesday and Thursdays) in the evening hours, with two longer (3-hour) weekend intensive writing and editing sessions at the halfway and end points of the workshop. Students will earn a $250 stipend after they attend all sessions, complete evaluations and submit their final, edited stories.

The Urban Health Media Project trains high school students with diverse backgrounds and empowers them to report, write and broadcast stories about health and social issues affecting their communities, as well as the potential solutions to address them.


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