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Student Stories

After prison, freeing the mind through reading and writing

Access to tobacco products, including vapes, and proximity of retailers pose challenge for youth

Col. Myles Caggins III brings commitment to public service, journalism, and mentoring to YMG Board

AccesSOS brings emergency services to Deaf community

Lifelong friends Larry Owens and Donald Shakir use art to handle life after prison

YMG teaches skills that are ‘applicable in anything,’ says former student

Climate gentrification: Rising seas lift home prices in drier, cheaper neighborhoods like Miami’s Little Haiti

‘Alienated’ and other poems by Samantha Mills

“I am not broken, I just need help”

College Corner: Original YMG student Erin Burnett aims to be major player in broadcast news; ‘It was what I have...

How a counselor shortage is hurting students struggling with anxiety, depression

OMG! We’re YMG now. Here’s Y …

‘When it comes to creating change, it’s not a sprint–it’s a marathon’

Illegal dumping in the Bronx isn’t just ugly – it’s a health hazard

Together, Philly mom and son cope with mental health issues

When the local barber’s chair becomes a therapist’s couch

After 5 years, 170 students and scores of published stories, we’re just getting started

Foster children at high risk for a multitude of mental health problems

COVID-19, remote learning left Miami high school seniors stressed, strained and struggling to catch up

Systemic racism spurs COVID-19 to hit Florida communities of color harder

COVID-19 pandemic leaves ‘transportation deserts’ even more barren

Early screening for learning disabilities ‘would make a huge difference’

Virtual learning harbors its own gifts

‘I thought I was the only one’: Peer support groups help teens fight loneliness, isolation of COVID-19 pandemic

‘If these streets could talk’

Correctional facilities: The Band-Aid to mental health

Social media: A complex challenge for youth and parents to protect mental health

‘Enough is enough — I am going to die’

Is back to school better or worse than pandemic eating, couch surfing at home?

Health disparities hit survival rates for cancer, COVID

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