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Finding a space for acceptance

By Karla Lozano

The “H.E.R. Healing” workshops were very interesting and allowed me to see a different side of life.

I met a new crowd of powerful women who have a very distinct lifestyle. During the workshop, “Dancing the Divine,” I had a very nice opportunity to dance and have a nice time doing movements that made me happy and feel empowered.

I would encourage any woman to participate in such a great experience that can be life changing. During this experience, I got to understand my body better and I allowed myself to let loose.

Hearing the motivational words of these women opened my mind to a new outlook on life.

As I walked out into the real world, I can say I was happy. I was full of joy because I learned how to start to accept myself for who I am. No matter how society views me, no matter where life may take me, I’m always going to appreciate that I am a Latina with many beautiful qualities that are very



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