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Dangers of distracted driving

Avoiding distracted driving is a bigger challenge for people with ADHD

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, who crash vehicles at a higher rate of any age group. But hidden within the numbers is a critical but often overlooked subgroup: Teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), are more than twice as likely to be involved in multiple car crashes.

This shows teens with ADHD who have started driving or who are hoping to get their license are faced with far more challenges than teens without the disorder. ADHD can affect and look different in teens, especially while driving.

By Zoe Ligairi and Sophia Sewall

YMG teaches high school students from under-resourced communities to produce multimedia journalism that highlights solutions to health and safety disparities where they live. They harness the power of their voices to creatively reflect, engage and empower their communities. In doing so, they also increase their college and career readiness and their agency.

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