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Addiction treatment providers, lawyers partner to help patients stay in recovery - and housed

Veronica Benson had already experienced being unhoused at the start of the pandemic, years of chronic pain due to arthritis and an addiction to the painkillers prescribed to treat it, when miscommunication and missing paperwork put her at risk of losing her home again. Undergoing treatment for substance use, the anxiety of potentially returning to rooming homes and hotels triggered a relapse.

By: Shawna James and Kyndall Hubbard

"Youthcast Media Group™ trains high school students from under-resourced communities to create multimedia journalism that highlights solutions to the health, wealth and social disparities where they live."

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High school students from around the U.S. work - and get paid! - in our virtual trainings and community-based projects. College interns create videos, photos, social media and write stories for publication.

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When a woman gave birth in Philadelphia in April, she named her daughter Daffodil for the flowers that often bloomed during her birth month. As Daffodil grew, her namesake plant blossomed earlier and earlier — sometimes flowering well before April. It wasn’t long before the name no longer seemed to fit the timing of the girl’s birthday; her mother said five years from now, she might not associate daffodils with that month.


The story is one of many Bethany Wiggin, founder of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH), has heard through the My Climate Story initiative, a project that allows people in Philadelphia and across the globe to document their experiences with climate change. Since the program launched in late 2019, it has collected stories that recount the personal tolls of climate change, as well as the nostalgia, grief and anxiety that accompany changing neighborhoods, landscapes and shorelines.


Storytelling workshops give communities a voice amid global and local climate change

Published in Billy Penn

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