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Kymani Hughes

Former Intern

Kymani is at Syracuse University pursuing Applied Data Analytics. Since high school, Kymani has been deeply involved in student journalism, honing her skills in writing articles, taking photographs, and managing social media for her alma mater's newspaper, The Harbinger. Through Youthcast Media Group®, Kymani collaborated with esteemed journalists, including Alan Gomez, during the "Home Sick: How Where You Live Affects Your Health" workshop in Spring 2021. Her work has been published in reputable outlets like Miami New Times, MindSite News, and Black News and Views.


In addition to her journalistic pursuits, Kymani has contributed as a Fact-Checker for Poynter's Teen Fact-Checking Network YouTube Series, in partnership with MediaWise. In this role, she wrote articles and scripts, effectively debunking viral misinformation and educating viewers on valuable media literacy techniques. Kymani’s passion for technology blossomed during her participation in the Girls Who Code and Kode with Klossy programs, which introduced her to the fundamentals of front-end programming and web design.


As a Print Intern at YMG, Kymani’s primary responsibility was to publish health articles that emphasize solution-based approaches. Additionally, she contributed to the creation of engaging TikTok content and participated in various social media tasks. Moving forward, Kymani is excited to continue working with YMG, not only to expand her writing portfolio but also to contribute to non-profit initiatives, empowering young journalists and promoting impactful health-focused stories. Furthermore, Kymani has aspirations to pursue further education and establish a career in a technology-related field, potentially specializing in Data Journalism.

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