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Sierra Lewter

Former Intern

Sierra Lewter is a student at New York University and a young adult who is passionate about addressing issues that specifically impact minorities and people of color. Through her work with Youthcast Media Group™, she has been able to successfully research, write and publish articles addressing the systematic mistreatment of African American males, the existing inequalities in health facilities primarily used by people of color, and most notably, the code of silence in the African American community as it relates to domestic violence and sexual assault. In fact, she was invited to speak on Capitol Hill regarding this code of silence and how girls and women of color have largely been left out of the popular #MeToo movement. The code of silence prevails within the black community, leading to many issues of unaddressed mental illness and post-traumatic stress.

Sierra hopes to help students pursue their interests and dive into their passion. She has been a huge advocate for addressing issues of bullying and inclusiveness. To this end, she has started her own YouTube page: "The Girl with no Fame" where she addresses issues including global inequities and problems related to young minorities including exclusion and self-esteem. She also blogs about finding one's place in a world that doesn't seem to validate or acknowledge the beauty and magic of young African American girls

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