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Home Sick… Spring ’21 Housing & Health Workshop launches with more students, cities

Twenty students from across the country are busy interviewing experts, creating important stories, and of course, learning about the many ways housing impacts the lives of individuals and communities as part of a six-week workshop. Students' work will not only be published on our website but also in news outlets. We’ll also pay a $250 stipend for each student who successfully completes the workshop.

Housing is a broad topic and affects health in many different ways. That’s why students will be working in small groups of 3-6, based on their geographic location, and will be assigned a mentor-editor who will work closely with them on their research, reporting, and writing. Having mentor-editors is another expansion for us this spring!

  1. Students from New York City and Philadelphia will focus on neighborhood safety; 

  2. In Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, students will cover homelessness;

  3. In Miami students will dive into affordability and gentrification;

  4. In Akron and Cleveland, students will tackle stories on housing safety, lead poisoning, and asthma. 

UHMP hired former Cleveland (Ohio) Plain Dealer reporter Angela Townsend to co-teach with Deputy Editor Brie Zeltner, and we’re testing a new position of mentor-editor with three talented and experienced journalists-- Alan Gomez and Rick Hampson, both formerly with USA Today, and Sarah Meehan, a former city and food reporter for The Baltimore Sun.

MARCH 2021 Eastern time (2)


Brie Zeltner, UHMP Deputy Editor, Instructor

Angela Townsend

Angela Townsend, UHMP Instructor

Alan Gomez, UHMP Mentor-Editor

Alan Gomez, UHMP Mentor-Editor<style type="text/css">#soliloquy-container-9286{opacity:1}</style>


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