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Maia Spoto

Former Chair of the Board

Maia Spoto is a student at Northwestern University where she majors in journalism and global health and edits stories for The Daily Northwestern.

Reporting on the intersections of health, politics, and social justice, she spent her freshman year digging into equity issues that face residents living in the Chicago area. Spring of her freshman year, Maia uncovered that Chicago’s Native American COVID-19 mortality rate could stand at triple the rate of the city’s overall population — a statistic the city had otherwise kept under wraps. She also investigated how coronavirus mask regulations and poor interpretation infrastructure obstruct emergency care services for those who are deaf.

Maia is a passionate advocate for mental health services, food access, and education equity, among a myriad of other initiatives. When Maia interned for YMG, she mentored other students and helped them share their stories. In her free time, Maia enjoys dancing, art and film.

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