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Hermes Falcon

Current Intern

Hermes Falcon (he/they) is a junior at Bradley University with a major in journalism and a double minor in creative writing and sociology. In high school, Hermes wrote for his school newspaper, The Harbinger, at Miami Lakes Educational Center and was a copy editor from 2020 until he graduated. Hermes hopes to become a proper advocate for mental health, the LGBTQ+ community, and the Hispanic community through his writing.

Hermes joined YMG as a student reporter in the fall of 2020 during our first virtual workshop on surviving trauma. An intern with YMG since November of 2020, Hermes has been a “jack-of-all-trades,” helping in every area of the organization, from writing stories to assisting in all manner of administrative areas. YMG’s most prolific TikTok creator, Hermes has helped the organization's Sozosei-funded TikTok account grow with his creative and thoughtful videos. Hermes also builds and coordinates our YMG newsletter!

Hermes' work:
Moving documentary spotlights the pivotal battle to declassify homosexuality as illness (published in The DC Line) 
LGBTQ myths debunked with science and facts (published in the Washington Blade)
Teaching students to tell the health and social justice stories of the unrepresented

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