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Amora Campbell

Former Intern

Amora Campbell is a student at Richard Wright Public Charter School with positions in various clubs, school activities, and extracurriculars in Washington, D.C. In ninth grade, Amora met Jayne O’Donnell, the founder of Youthcast Media Group™. This meeting kickstarted her love of journalism and helped the future career woman with decision-making, writing skills, and a journalistic instinct.

In tenth grade, she attended Real World History, an after-school D.C. history class, for an internship at Moorland-Spingarn Research Center at Howard University. While there she became interested with African Diaspora books, which helped her realize her passion for history. Her favorite subject is, unsurprisingly, AP World History where she learned how much the past can influence the world in policy and education. Amora aspires to be a history teacher with a focus on international and inner-city education because she hopes to make a change using different teaching styles.

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