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Aileen Delgado

Former Intern

Aileen Delgado (she/her) is a freshman at the University of Central Florida and pursuing a B.A. in Human Communication with a focus on Interpersonal Communication.

Throughout high school, she was a staff writer and copy editor for The Harbinger newspaper, a managing editor for the Alpha Omega yearbook, president and founder of her school's National English Honor Society, and a social media intern for PBS NewsHour's Extra.


She is passionate about literature and creative writing. In April 2021, she won the "Arts for Life!" Award from the Florida-based Foundation for Excellence in Education in the creative writing category for one of her personal essays. As a young first-generation Cuban-American, Aileen is an advocate for accessible mental health and education resources for low-income immigrant communities.


She plans to become a feature or editorial writer for an online publication, and to launch a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting homeless LGBTQ+ youth through support and local resources. At YMG, Aileen was an integral part of the content and programs and social media teams, writing pieces for our newsletters, and offering invaluable virtual support during our coverage of the Sozosei annual summit.


Aileen's work: Together, Philly mom and son cope with mental health issues (published in The Philadelphia Tribune) The pandemic deepened Miami's housing affordability crisis for immigrant families (published in the Miami New Times) College Corner: OG YMG student aims to be major player in broadcast news — ‘It was what I have been put on Earth to do’

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