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Radiah Jamil

Former Intern

Radiah Jamil (she/her) is a freshman at St. John’s University with a major in journalism. Her journalism journey started in 2020 when she joined her high school newspaper, The Brooklyn Latineer, where she became the Managing Editor the following year. She extended The Latineer to produce multimedia journalism by founding a monthly broadcast production, as well as an ongoing social media series on Instagram. Radiah joined YMG in early 2021 and has participated in several YMG workshops and projects including America’s Promise Alliance partnership, the Sozosei summit for decriminalizing mental illness, and more.

Outside of YMG, Radiah has also received journalism training at the NBC Young Leaders In Journalism Program and the NYU Urban Journalism program. She likes to run, play sports, and read about a variety of interests she explores in her free time from health and wellness to business. She launched and ran her own startup, Mentalligence, after winning grants from two entrepreneurship competitions. Radiah hopes to continue juggling her time and pursuing a career in business, entrepreneurship, and media production.

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